Our Service


  1. I) Preparation of Details Project Report (DPR) (Bankable) for all Industries.
  2. II) RITCO specialize in following Branches of Industrial Projects.:-
    • (A) Food & Allied.
    • (B) Mechanical &
    • (C) Chemical Industries
  3. III) Arrangement of land in Industrial Area by the BIADA.
  4. IV) Arrangement of Financial Assistance from Bank/Financial Institutions.
  5. V) Arrangement of Technical Know - How from reputed companies up to commissioning
  6. VI) Arrangement of License / Registration by the Authority to the Proposed unit.


We support the entrepreneurs in various matters. We advice them in selecting suitable business/industry. We facilitate them in financing matters like liaisoning with Bank sand other financial institutions. Our technical expert team supervise while establishment of the Plant. RITCO is fully equipped with talented persons to support the entrepreneurs at every stage.